The Skater Boy

They call me Skater boy,
But these wheels on this board are anything but a toy;
You see, I was born without legs,
Thrown into a city like a thoughtless garbage.

I finally found my way to move around,
Through this skate, forever bound;
I have these wheels for feet,
Trying to make my ends meet;
These wheels take me places,
Though I wish to walk for once, maybe not for ages;
Oh, how I wish to run,
Being able to walk, now wouldn't that be fun?

I move among the big vehicles,
Hoping not to get run over like those bloody dogs;
When I see you walk and run,
My heart cries for my legs, long gone;
Why was I born this way?
Was I born this way just to end up begging all day? 
I am seen by the weary dogs of the street,
And yet, I am invisible to the ones who could help me.

Nobody knows my story,
Nobody knows I exist, such is human glory;
If you ever come across me,
Try to talk to me and make me believe again in humanity.

I roll on and disappear among the blind crowd,
Above me hangs despicable cloud,
Maybe I don't exist to you,
Here I am living, among the few;
But these wheels give me a feeling of existence;
Existence of a Skater boy, life's cruel essence!



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