The Raven and the Wolf


"The Raven flew in and took my soul, 
As he had lost his own,
The Wolf came in and devoured my heart,
And made it look like a sad art.

I used to follow my heart without a second thought,
Now without one, in the void I am lost. 
How will I stand in the face of fear,
As the grave darkness grows near?

How will I fill the silent void,
If I do nothing but runaway and avoid?  
Will the Raven remember to give the soul that was once mine?
Or has he found solace in a soul that is more than a rhyme? 
Will the Wolf wish for my heart back to me,
Or has he fallen in love with the secrets as deep as the dark sea? 
Will I survive?

Into the void, 
yet again I dive,
In search of my soul and heart, 
Like a drop of water in the darkest desert,
The Raven may have my soul and the Wolf, my heart;
But this little pearl of hope saves a life, a better form of Art!" 

 June 3, 2016


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