The Perfect Gift

Wrapped with love,
A perfect gift,
He can’t wait to see the happiness on her face,
Her eyes closed,
She unwraps the gift,
Twists and turns the ribbons leave,
Smile and curiosity on her face,
Eagerness in his,
She tosses away the wrapper,
The box, the ribbons, the bows,
For the gift inside was much more.
A young girl,
Wrapped in tattered clothes,
Dust and mud fashioned her looks,
As she stood beside the happy couple,
Her hands begging for money,
She was warded off with a little “hiss”.
Seeing the couple with shining and glittering gift,
The girl’s eyes glimmered with the glitter and a smile on her lips,
Glitter, that was pure gold for her,
The beautiful wrapper, the un-cringed ribbons, the pretty bow,
Money was forgotten, a beautiful show,
She ran towards the wrapper as the wind teased it away,
She picked up the ribbons and the bow that lay,
Her tiny hands now held glittery wrapper, un-cringed ribbons, and a pretty bow,
Oh, the happiness she felt!
The glow of amazement,
Oh! the many strong hearts she would melt!
With glowing eyes,
She turned to the couple and said her goodbyes,
The couple astonished in what could be the reason,
She ran for her home, to her dearest Mother,
As she gave her the beautiful wrapper, an un-cringed ribbon, and a pretty bow,
She asked her, “Can you feel the softness that the ribbon shows?
Can you feel the smoothness of the wrapper?
Prettier than any paper,
Can you feel the prettiness of the bow?
Oh! how I wish you could see these like I do?”
Her mother replied with a sigh, “To be blind is indeed a woe,
But I wish I could see that happy face of yours,
I would trade my life for these eyes to see you grow,
But then, being with you, my dear child is a blessing I am ready to be blinded for.”

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