“Aama, Baba”

Aama, Baba
Aama, Aapa,
Aama, Buwa,
Mother, Father
Nine months she carried you
In her womb, like a precious dew,
Loving you without even knowing you,
Working day and night,
With sweat, earning money so the pain was out of your sight,
He started caring for you, in his heart he held you tight. 

The day you were born,
Felt like the darkest days finally had a sight of beautiful Sun,
Your safety became their first priority,
Your ability to walk and to talk became their ability,
The day you were born.  

Your pain became their pain,
Your happiness became their happiness,
Your dreams became their dreams,
Not knowing what their future held,
They gave you their life which you never felt.

You grew stronger,
They grew weaker,
You grew stronger,
They grew older,
You grew stronger and stronger,
Despite their weak old body and forgetful memory,
You still were their strength, 
you were their eyes to see.
You grew stronger,
They grew older.

But that day came like a fierce storm after a peaceful morning,
Pain and shear sadness dawning,
The day you left their hands that you held as a child,
The day you left them broken and hurt,
In such a cruel, cruel, so cruel way,
Have you ever felt their pain when you left them that day?
Call them if you haven't,
Cause they are eagerly waiting for your call like a child 
who eagerly waits for their Mother and father to come home after a long, long day.

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