Beginning Again

We all have been told a gazillion times, that “Life is short!! Repent before it’s too late!” Well, people don’t usually say ‘Repent’, but yes, we have been told that life is short and we keep telling that to ourselves as well, mostly we say that when we are on the brink of taking that leap of faith, when we are about to make a decision of our life whose outcome we are never too sure. It is fueled by fear and hope.

“Fear” and “Hope” such powerful words; words that rule the entire part of our life. Isn’t it amazing? These words have so much incredible weight that directs our journey, either motivating us to do better or succumb to something darker. I shall not talk about the darker sides because it’s dark (Duh) , so I shall talk about something positive because we need more positivity around us. It motivates us to take a chance on someone, to say “Yes” to a job offer, to say “Yes” to leave our past and start a new beginning. It’s scary, but a small step we take forward is surely a start.

Life is short, yes! So, what do we do to make that dash between our date of birth and year of our death, remarkable, unforgettable, incredible? How can we make our life full of love, laughter, and life? One thing that works for me is being kind. Being kind to others because we are all in need of that little kindness, love, warmth. We are all going through a lot, some of us are going through way worse than we realize, we see it in the news every single day; so, wherever you are, be kind to the one sitting or standing next to you.

Be kind to your Mom and Dad.

Be kind to your family.

Be kind to animals.

Be kind to your friends.

Be kind to those around you.

Be kind to the Earth, the only home we have got, don’t think about moving to mars.

Last, but not the least, be KIND TO YOURSELF.



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