“Devils You Fought”

Woke at 4,
I took a stroll,
I looked at the sky,
Saw the Moon and the stars close by.
While I walked passed the trees,
I could feel the wind flirting with my cheeks,
Dark, it may have been,
Dreams blossomed in the houses of bricks.
I, a stranger, but not to the flirtatious nature,
Taking a stroll, thinking no thoughts, but a silent caricature,
The stars and the Moon know me well,
For, we have been together through heaven and hell,
The wind and trees fear me not,
For, in many painful wars, together we fought.
The birds and the warrior dogs remember me,
When in doubt, they helped me see.
Could you believe a word I say?
These are the answers, to you, I lay.
For what am I, without your thought?
I am you, a poet within, whose devils you fought.

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